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בנות דירת משואות יצחק

That’s how Yehuda Oren of moshav Masuoth Yitzhak, defined the newfound daily reality of six young women with disabilities who recently launched their adult lives as part of the welcoming moshav. Members of Masuoth Yitzhak warmly embraced the idea of creating a supportive SHEKEL apartment that would allow the women to live full lives as an inseparable part of the moshav community.

The applause of over 100 people who turned out to watch "I Will Have It" a play acted by SHEKEL actors at Moshav Rinatya, resounded with support and pride. The 14 actors from SHEKEL's vocational rehabilitation center in Hevel Modiin, took part in a theatre course made possible thanks to a great partnership between the "Hishtachvaya" community theater, SHEKEL, the Shalem Fund, and the Hevel Modiin Regional Council. According to Irit Kossover, director and group instructor: "The play was a moving journey. The actors experienced no small amount of difficulty and frustration on the way but in the end they overcame the obstacles in their path and succeeded. It was a wonderful feeling which empowered them."

People with disabilities from SHEKEL Petach Tikva enjoy a boat trip and Marina Herzliya

The kind of fun day out that many of us take for granted, marked a groundbreaking milestone for 36 people with intellectual and physical disabilities from SHEKEL’s day center in Petach Tikva. Sailing from the Herzliya Marina with their parents and SHEKEL staff, they enjoyed an exhilarating boat trip at sea for the very first time in their lives.

Two Guys make history for second time!!
Guy Sagiv and Guy Niv first made history as part of the historic "Centennial Tour" bike ride, organized by SHEKEL and Kids Kicking Cancer, to mark 100 years since the ANZAC victory at the Battle of Be'er Sheva!

Today they are doing it again – this time as the first Israelis in history to take part in the prestigious Giro d'Italia world cycling competition. 
At the Centennial Tour bike ride they were interviewed by Yoram Kahn from SHEKEL's T.V. and video making program. 

Here's what they had to say

Guys! From all of us here at SHEKEL – WE’RE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!!

Clara Feldman, CEO Shekel

This year, on Women’s Day, SHEKEL is proud to present a woman of vision and action, who has widely inculcated the principle of inclusion for people with disabilities, within Israeli society. We give you SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman.

When a hundred people get up and run with all their hearts, for one goal – to make room for people with disabilities in our society – the world changes a little…
When hundreds and thousands of people cheer them on with love and support, the world starts to look completely different.
The momentum has started – now everything depends on you! 

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אוסף שירים וסיפורים

A collection of poems and stories that will touch your soul.

There were once seven writers and poets. Not all of them knew they had a gift for writing – and they are the true heroes of this story. There was one other hero, a cinema person, author and poet, who woke up one sunny morning and decided to volunteer a creative writing course at SHEKEL College.

בנות דירה משואות יצחק

Five young women with disabilities, about to start their adult lives, as an inclusive part of Moshav Massuot Yitzhak, celebrated their future with parents and SHEKEL staff at SHEKEL's bistro "Harutzim". The new apartment, for young women with intellectual disabilities, follows the opening of a groundbreaking SHEKEL apartment, launched on Kibbutz Yavneh three years ago.