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The Boccia Champions

The SHEKEL Bat Yam Boccia team wins Israel's national Boccia cup!

In the national Boccia championships, (an accessible ball game adapted to the needs of people with wide-ranging disabilities), the SHEKEL Bat Yam team defeated a total of seven teams from all over Israel, returning home with the national cup. Congrats to the phenomenal Bat Yam team and their incredible coach Shlomi Drami!!

Upon opening its new Bat Yam branch in 2017, SHEKEL made a decision to expand Boccia sports in the city. Since then, a new team was formed and a great new inclusion initiative was developed, bringing together Boccia sportsmen with disabilities and local high school students. As the game relies on focus, precision and skill, as opposed to physical effort and strength, it is well suited to the needs of people with every level of physical and cognitive disability, while also proving a great game for pupils who have difficulties in various areas but who do not have disabilities.