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SHEKEL's innovative new day center, which opened in 2018, is dramatically changing the lives of 46 participants who are aging or who have low-functioning disabilities.

Understanding that aging people with disabilities have a strong desire and personal need to continue leading meaningful lives as a productive part of their familiar community, SHEKEL opened a new vocationally orientated center where participants can work at a slower pace for a few hours a day while pursing stimulating hobbies and developing personal areas of interest. Every day, each participant chooses an activity that personally interests them from a broad range of areas, including drama, cooking, music, learning group discussions and more. In addition, they greatly benefit from a novel virtual reality program that involves stimulating cognitive and physical exercise. They also have use of a sports and physical therapy room specially designed to meet their needs as well as a beautifully designed accessible kitchen for learning life-skills.

There is an atmosphere of energy and fun at the center, a tangible feeling of curiosity and activity. But more than anything else, what is important to us is that each participant preserves their zest for life, their level of independence, and their love of friendship and community.

Over the coming year, we plan to increase the number of participants to 52 and expand the center’s current programs.

The center was established with assistance from the National Insurance Institute of Israel. It is operated with support from Israel’s Ministry of Labor and Welfare and with the encouragement and support of the Matanel Foundation and other donors. We extend our heartfelt thanks for the generous support and assistance which has allowed aging/low-functioning people with disabilities to live active fulfilling lives, as part of the community.