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Keshet students and Erez

Erez always knew he wanted to live independently in his own apartment. As an employee in Jerusalem's light rail corporation, he was convinced he could lead a fulfilling independent life. However, despite his best efforts, his apartment remained in dilapidated condition, and his dream began to fade before his eyes. All that changed when he joined SHEKEL's "Supported Independent Living" program.

Girls of the Yavneh Group in the selterr

SHEKEL apartment residents on kibbutz Yavne and moshav Massuoth Yitzhak, hold up under relentless rocket attacks.

Alumim - Selfie during alarms

When a missile was intercepted and blown up over Kibbutz Alumim in the middle of the night and further sirens were heard, SHEKEL residents knew exactly what to do and how to react. They supported each other with great sensitivity and took comfort from looking at selfies they had taken during previous attacks.

We salute our residents on Kibbutz Alumim for acting so responsibly and bravely, and for being so caring.  

Couples Workshop Participants, Ronnie Koban Channel 11

On TV Kan 11, Roni Kobun joins an eye-opening and deeply moving workshop on romantic love for young people on the autism spectrum who seek romantic relationships.

Masuoth Yitzhak's SHEKEL apartment - Purim 2021

Residents of moshav Masuoth Yitzhak's SHEKEL apartment, "A House in the Community", have already started celebrating Purim, turning their apartment into an ocean of fun!! We applaud the super team of residents and staff for the fantastic atmosphere and decoration.   

SHEKEL gets vaccinated

A true celebration, as hundreds of SHEKEL apartment residents and their support teams were vaccinated at SHEKEL House, Jerusalem, in a joint operation with Israel's Magen David Adom (emergency medical service).

Following the sweeping success of Alter-Nativ’s pioneering first class, where young people with special needs received comprehensive professional training in theater-related fields, SHEKEL and the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio (Israel’s premiere drama school), have now launched their second class, numbering 12 participants.

Lamerhavim - Eyal's farm

Lamerhavim (Open Spaces) - SHEKEL Center for Leisure and Employment at Eyal’s Farm - is a unique center which aims to provide adults on the autistic spectrum who have multiple challenges, a happy and thriving environment, despite their limitations. The participants attend classes, hike, swim in the pool and eat in the kibbutz dining room. The farm, set up on the kibbutz, is located adjacent to the archeological site.

Beating the Virus’ - new game , SHEKEL Product'

SHEKEL’s department for ‘enrichment, culture and leisure’ has just developed a unique new game: ‘Beating the Virus’, particularly designed to help people with special needs deal with virus-related personal hygiene and other coronavirus issues, in a fun and light-hearted way.

No Ltd. - SHEKEL Petach Tikva’s “Supported Employment”

Students of Ort Shapira High School’s ‘New Media and Advertising’ track, document the working lives of Aliza Shelo and Arieh Schneider, two young people with disabilities employed in Israel’s private business sector as part of SHEKEL Petach Tikva’s “Supported Employment” program. This touching film on inclusion of employees with disabilities in the general workplace was created as the students’ final project.

Helping people on the autism spectrum find love

A groundbreaking professional course, "Guiding People with ASD in Romantic Relationships", has opened the door to professional enrichment in a much needed area.

Happy to get back to work, SHEKEL Jerusalem

This Shavuot you can make a world of difference for people with disabilities…

We are calling on pupils, youth, adults and families to enlist in our "Shavuot SHEKEL learn-a-thon" fundraising campaign for people with disabilities!