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At a moving ceremony, inaugurating the newly opened SHEKEL center for people on the autism spectrum, Petach Tikva mayor, Rami Greenberg, expressed the city’s deep commitment to answering the multiple needs of Petach Tikva residents with disabilities.

פרופ' אשר בן אריה בכנס "נפגעות בצל המוגבלות"

How can we make intimacy and romantic love accessible for people with disabilities? and how vital is it to do so? What are the life-long effects of trauma and why is the phenomena disproportionately common among people with disabilities? Why is 'trauma-informed care' so important for adults, youth and children with special needs?

כנס החטיבה השיקומית בפסיכולוגיה

Speaking in Nir Ezion, at the annual Rehabilitative Psychology Division conference of the Israel Psychological Association, two of SHEKEL's psychologist interns, Anat Marmor and Dvora Klein, presented a lecture on: Similarities and differences in therapeutic treatment for people with neuro-developmental disorders.

ריקוד בכיסאות גלגלים - פסטיבל "מוזות בשוהם" 2019

"The festival of Sukkot is about happiness and rejoicing, there is in fact a special Mitzva to be joyful on sukkot: 'ושמחת בחגיך והיית אך שמח - Rejoice on your festival and be full of happiness'!" asserted SHEKEL CEO, speaking at the festive fundraising event to create permanent housing for the city of Shoham's young residents with special needs, which kicked off the 2019 "Shoham Muses" festival.

Graduation Ceremony at David Yellin College

Israel's prestigious David Yellin Education College, opened the door to a world of intellectual enrichment for 17 SHEKEL vocational program participants, who eagerly took part in a weekly year-long course on religions and cultures, at the college campus.

Lihi Lapid, receives Tzamid Festival Award

Lihi Lapid won the prestigious award for her outstanding work and efforts in creating awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Participants of SHEKEL's Petach Tikva day center celebrate Jerusalem day, flying their prayers straight to Heaven!

Participants of SHEKEL's Petach Tikva day center, prove you can definitely celebrate Jerusalem day outside of the Holy City.

Moshe Leon and Osnat Drori

Glowing photos of SHEKEL volunteers and the people with disabilities they help, were a great attraction at the opening of the Jerusalem municipality's inspiring photo exhibition, devoted to the far-reaching work of the city's volunteers.

2019 "All Rights Reserved"

2019 "All Rights Reserved" at the Jerusalem Cinematheque - SHEKEL awards outstanding employees in memory of Gideon Dror

SHEKEL seminar stresses multi-systemic approach to therapy  

Because answering the therapeutic needs of people with disabilities means working together.

Purim in Bat Yam

As Purim began, SHEKEL participants in Bat Yam sat outside the SHEKEL center and got to work, singing, playing musical instruments and delighting passers-by. 

A groundbreaking partnership between SHEKEL’s graphic design studio “Between the Lines” and Israel’s famed Koren publishing house, is happy to announce the launch of a one-of-a-kind Haggadah.

Exquisitely illustrated by three highly talented SHEKEL artists: Sahar, who has Downs Syndrome, and is known for his stunning color techniques; Raphael, on the autism spectrum, whose sharp beautifully rendered drawings caught the eye of Koren; and Yafit who, using technological aids to overcome the physical limitations of MS, enriched the work with her stunning and popular trade-mark Eretz Yisrael motifs.

All three artists, who work at SHEKEL’s vocational rehabilitation center in Jerusalem, were discovered by SHEKEL’s graphic design studio. Realizing their special talents and skills, the studio, together with Koren publishing house, embarked on a special project to publish this spectacular Haggadah.

Take a look for yourself!

You can complete your Seder table with our new line of Haggadah-inspired Seder night products, featuring our special Haggadah illustration prints:

  • Fabric Afikoman bags
  • Hand towel for ritual hand-washing (Netilat Yedayim)
  • Beautifully designed matza cover

For orders visit our on-line store: http://store.shekel.org.il/he/117

Or drop by our gift shop at Bet SHEKEL: 11 Yad Harutzim st., Jerusalem

Have any questions? Osnat will be happy to help you: 050-5963026