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“Something new is starting for me right now”
With these words, Eden Hartel officially launched a moving housewarming celebration for the two new ‘Living in the Community’ SHEKEL apartments recently opened in Shoham. Like many young Israelis, Eden now enjoys living his own life in an apartment he shares with three other friends. Eden and his flat-mates work during the day, enjoying full social lives and pursuing individual interests and hobbies after work. 

The SHEKEL apartments, which were opened in partnership with the Shoham local council, are intended to give adults with developmental disabilities the chance to live full meaningful lives with independence, as vital members of the general community.

Expressing his thanks to SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman, for the wonderful joint initiative, Shoham mayor, Gil Livneh, spoke of Shoham’s deep desire to incorporate and assist the new apartment residents as an integral part of the town’s life and community. 

Feldman emphasized the apartments' significance in “providing opportunity for people with disabilities to build real lives for themselves among the mainstream community”. She expressed her deep appreciation for the extraordinary partnership and assistance on the part of Shoham’s local council, community and parents, and likewise for the support of Israel’s ministry of labor and welfare. 

Housing supervisor for the ministry of labor and welfare, Boaz Azoulay described SHEKEL as a “groundbreaking organization in the field of housing in the general community, the results of which can be felt in the wonderful atmosphere in the apartments”.

Ron, one of the new residents, summed up his personal experience: “It’s fun here in the apartment and it’s so nice to live with friends”.

The two new apartments, one for men and one for women, are part of SHEKEL’s diverse Living in the Community program which numbers 140 apartments, providing housing solutions in the general community throughout the country, for people with all types of disabilities.