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The applause of over 100 people who turned out to watch "I Will Have It" a play acted by SHEKEL actors at Moshav Rinatya, resounded with support and pride. The 14 actors from SHEKEL's vocational rehabilitation center in Hevel Modiin, took part in a theatre course made possible thanks to a great partnership between the "Hishtachvaya" community theater, SHEKEL, the Shalem Fund, and the Hevel Modiin Regional Council. According to Irit Kossover, director and group instructor: "The play was a moving journey. The actors experienced no small amount of difficulty and frustration on the way but in the end they overcame the obstacles in their path and succeeded. It was a wonderful feeling which empowered them."

SHEKEL's film crew "Extraordinary", filmed the play in the making and its journey to success

SHEKEL salutes and thanks Shimon Sosson, head of the Hevel Modiin Regional Council, Riva Muscal, CEO of the Shalem Fund; Dr. Ronit Lev, Director of Welfare and Community;  Sarah Ehrenfeld, Director of Rehabilitation and Disabilities; Iris Daliot, Director of Social Affairs and Community; Mali Zanzuri, Director of Curtain Call community theater; Aviv Haim, Director of the Prat department together with her team and of course Moshav Rinatya!