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נקודת איסוף מוצרים ל"מציאון" בקניון מודיעין

HaMezion's great heart and even greater bargains, are now available to even more people at more locations!

A new super cool branch recently opened at the Davidka square in downtown Jerusalem! An excited crowd of shoppers, attending the official branch opening, were visibly moved by the opening event and were blown away by the incredible selection of items and the inviting upbeat store design.

And.... for your GRRREAT convenience, a collection point has now opened at the Azrieli mall in Modi'in! Shoppers can now donate their second-hand items at the mall, on their way to shop! In return, they will receive a certificate of appreciation for their kind donation from the HaMezion representative.

Can't wait to see you at the sizzling HaMezion chain this summer!!


HaMezion branches:

Ramat Gan: 82 Jabotinsky St.

Jerusalem: 39 Pierre Koenig St.\\ 97 Jaffa St (Davidka Sq.) \\

Collection point for donating items: Azrieli mall, Modi'in – Parking area 1, row 5