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New facilities in Eddy Shore Kindergardens

At the "Tzavta" Eddie Shore kindergarten complex, located in Jerusalem's Gonenim neighborhood, SHEKEL gives tens of 3-6 year-old kids with special needs the opportunity to enjoy an extended kindergarten day as an integral part of Jerusalem's general kindergarten community.

The complex, which opened three years ago, is the first such kindergarten framework in Jerusalem to bring together children with and without special needs in an inclusive program. The children learn separately for the educational part of the program, but are together for extracurricular activities and play breaks.   

The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation recently donated several wonderful wooden play items for use in the kindergartens' yard. The beautiful pieces inspire fruitful creative play that bring all types of children together. SHEKEL was honored to host Rabbi Seth Grossman, Silvian Foundation representative, who was impressed by the impact of the generously donated items on the children's play and expressed his sincere appreciation of SHEKEL's work.