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Year-end concert of the "Integrative Orchestra"

At a moving end-of-year concert, the Israel Integrative Orchestra ascended the stage and proved to the packed audience of 150 people that music has no limitations or boundaries.

Notwithstanding innumerable obstacles presented by lockdowns and special regulations this year, the 30-member orchestra and choir, comprising SHEKEL musicians with disabilities and students of Israel’s prestigious Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, determinedly found a way to adapt to the new reality and carry on playing!

The impressive result spoke for itself, as orchestra members performed songs of different musical genres, together with original song scores written by orchestra musicians with special needs. All orchestra members, with and without disabilities, were involved in creating the musical arrangements, and the personal bonds of musical partnership and human comradery were felt both on stage and off.    

A big shout out to SHEKEL College and the Yitzhak Navon Community Unit of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and a huge thank you to the U.S. embassy’s American Center Jerusalem and the Preach – National Program for Social Impact, for their support and partnership.