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Girls of the Yavneh Group in the selterr

SHEKEL apartment residents on kibbutz Yavne and moshav Massuoth Yitzhak, hold up under relentless rocket attacks.

Between rocket barrages, deafening explosions and running to protected spaces "there are a few hours of quiet", reports Dafi Liber, director of SHEKEL programs on kibbutzim and moshavim. "The young women residents and staff, talk a lot about the fear and difficulty of dealing with such an unnerving unpredictable situation," says Dafi. "But there are also breaks with fun relaxing activities that alleviate the tension. We gave a 'yoga laughter' workshop and we have also been singing a lot and doing artwork. We're praying for quiet peaceful days ahead."

SHEKEL wishes all Israel's residents, a quick return to peaceful days and nights!