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SHEKEL gets vaccinated

A true celebration, as hundreds of SHEKEL apartment residents and their support teams were vaccinated at SHEKEL House, Jerusalem, in a joint operation with Israel's Magen David Adom (emergency medical service).


Yafit, a fun-loving SHEKEL apartment resident, expressed a "great feeling" after being vaccinated, saying "I feel so much better, it's a feeling of safety". Shir, who heads the support team for SHEKEL's apartments that serve people with severe multiple disabilities, described the festive atmosphere of the operation, "there was a feeling of something new starting, a new beginning without fear".  Apartment facilitator, Yarden, said feelingly: "the residents were a bit nervous of the vaccination to begin with, but they overcame their anxiety. Afterwards they were so happy, they now see the end in sight, when they can go back to work and meet up with their friends". SHEKEL residents in numerous locations throughout the country have now been vaccinated in specially organized operations.

A big shout out to the wonderful Jerusalem Magen Davd Adom team, as well as SHEKEL organizers and apartment support teams, for their sensitivity and superb organization! And of course, a big hand of applause to all the great apartment residents for their upbeat positive energy and the great example they have set to Israeli citizens throughout the country!