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Happy to get back to work, SHEKEL Jerusalem

This Shavuot you can make a world of difference for people with disabilities…

We are calling on pupils, youth, adults and families to enlist in our "Shavuot SHEKEL learn-a-thon" fundraising campaign for people with disabilities!

This year, we launch the Shavuot SHEKEL learn-a-thon at a time when the wellbeing of people with disabilities has become an urgent priority. People with special needs have been particularly vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis and they are now in need of assistance more than ever before. The new reality necessitates purchasing urgent protective medical gear and providing vital support programs that have generated heavy unforeseen costs.

All sponsored donations from the Shavuot SHEKEL learn-a-thon will be used to fund medical and protective equipment and the operation of critical programs and activities that are crucial to the health and safety of people with disabilities.

What does the 'Shavuot SHEKEL learn-a-thon' mean?

  1. It means first deciding to learn on Erev Shavuot as part of a campaign to raise funds for people with disabilities. You can learn independently, with family, friends or in a “chavruta”, or you can learn by listening to a sermon, Dvar Torah, shiur or lecture, it’s up to you.
  2. We will then open a personal/group “Shavuot for SHEKEL learn-a-thon” fundraising page for you to send out to your friends, family and acquaintances, asking them to sponsor you for your Erev Shavuot learning.
  3. You can then send out the fundraising page by facebook, whatsapp, email, to all your family, friends/acquaintances, asking them to sponsor your Shavuot studies to benefit people with disabilities

The campaign has been endorsed by Rav Drukman

"Learning Torah for its own sake is the Torah of chessed (charity)"  
Succah tractate, 40:9 Babylonian Talmud

Join the Shavuot SHEKEL learn-a-thon today and make this Shavuot a way to empower people with disabilities

Active campaigns:

Contact us to open your individual/group fundraising page:   tel: 972-(0)50-6232155