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ריקוד בכיסאות גלגלים - פסטיבל "מוזות בשוהם" 2019

"The festival of Sukkot is about happiness and rejoicing, there is in fact a special Mitzva to be joyful on sukkot: 'ושמחת בחגיך והיית אך שמח - Rejoice on your festival and be full of happiness'!" asserted SHEKEL CEO, speaking at the festive fundraising event to create permanent housing for the city of Shoham's young residents with special needs, which kicked off the 2019 "Shoham Muses" festival.

"But how do we achieve happiness?" Feldman asked. By drinking wine? Dancing? Being appreciative? Perhaps, but the most powerful tool for achieving happiness is giving to those in need. People need meaning in their lives to be happy and the best way to feel meaningful is by giving of yourself to others, both in terms of time and resources - and you can be sure the giver always comes out ahead!"

Apropo, the evening was infused with exceptional happiness, as 500 people filled the theater at Shoham's Arts Center and enjoyed Israel's famous 'Kaveret' band singers, Alon Oleartchik and Ephraim Shamir, as well as an outstanding ballroom wheelchair dance performance by injured IDF soldiers. The audience sung along with gusto, danced, donated their tickets and most importantly - celebrated with happiness!