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Graduation Ceremony at David Yellin College

Israel's prestigious David Yellin Education College, opened the door to a world of intellectual enrichment for 17 SHEKEL vocational program participants, who eagerly took part in a weekly year-long course on religions and cultures, at the college campus.

Speaking at the moving course-graduation ceremony, SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman Katz, emphasized SHEKEL's commitment to providing equal rights and opportunity for people with disabilities, ensuring their right to self-realization and personal development in all areas of life. "I want to personally thank David Yellin College for their wonderful work", said Feldman. Dr. Orly Ido, who heads the college's track for pupils with multiple disabilities, spoke of the enormous significance of integrating the students with disabilities as an integral part of the college.

All the students successfully completed the course which included studies on campus as well as site visits to museums, synagogues, churches and mosques, and all were excited to receive a course certificate.