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Participants of SHEKEL's Petach Tikva day center celebrate Jerusalem day, flying their prayers straight to Heaven!

Participants of SHEKEL's Petach Tikva day center, prove you can definitely celebrate Jerusalem day outside of the Holy City.

Instead of posting prayers in the Western Wall, they sent them flying, EL AL style, straight to Heaven! But don't think for a minute their prayers and celebrations stopped there...

With Shavuot right around the corner, the Petach Tikva center went full steam ahead, celebrating the holiday with an extraordinarily festive meal. And what's so extraordinary about that, you may ask? The answer: THE PARTICAPANTS MADE THE MEAL THEMSELVES!

But Petach Tikva aren't the only ones who know how to celebrate. SHEKEL apartment residents all over Israel, celebrated the festival of Shavuoth. At Moshav Masuoth Yitzchak and Kibbutz Yavne, apartment residents energetically took to the fields to celebrate the Jewish harvest festival!

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