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Art Exhibition "Let me show you my world" in Berlin

The moving opening ceremony of the "Let me show you my world" art exhibit in Berlin, marked the grand finale of an exceptional joint art project between SHEKEL in Israel and the Diakonie organization of Germany. Moderated by Germany's Minister of Labor and Welfare, Dr. Rolf Schmachtenberg, the ceremony was attended by 100 people in the presence of SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman; Deputy CEO, Offer Dahari; CEO of Diakonie, Jürgen Zenker and other dignitaries.


The moving project was the result of a close year-long partnership that included visits of the participants to Israel and Germany during which they learnt to understand each other's cultures, while close personal bonds quickly blossomed. In a warmly received speech, Clara Feldman spoke of art as an international language that bridges cultures and removes limits and boundaries. Other speakers emphasized the special connection that developed between the groups and felt this should serve as an example for the wider community.


A huge THANK YOU to Mor Amgar and Batia Katan from SHEKEL, and Margit Schmutterer from Diakonie, for leading this outstanding project.

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