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Let Your Small Change Do Big Things



Dear Friends,

We can all help improve the socio-economic situation in Israel today through awareness, actions, volunteering and donations. Even small change, from many people, can do big things.

What is Round-Up?

On each of your credit card purchases the agurot are rounded up to the next shekel and donated to the non-profit organization of your choice. The average person's donation comes to about NIS 4 per month. The more people who sign up – the more SHEKEL's clients benefit.

SHEKEL Invites You to Sign up with Round-Up

SHEKEL cares for thousands of children and adults with special needs throughout their lives and provides a wide range of services such as, housing, employment, cultural and leisure activities, accessibility, child development programs, which promote self-fulfillment and inclusion in the community.

For You it's Small Change – For the People SHEKEL Helps it's their Whole World

Your donation can advance the inclusion of people with special needs in the community and society and help them realize their potential.


Please sign up with Round-Up to donate to SHEKEL and ask your friends to do so too  -  so together we can make your small change do big things.


                          For more details and to sign up by telephone *6360, 03-6177778

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