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Thank you Letters

Thank You letter to "Passport to the Community"

Dear Michali,

Not only did I have a great time yesterday, but I love the people, people who are happy and sad and still have a bit of belief and strength to grow. These people need at least one person to believe in them who will devote time and energy to them – and that’s you. I deeply appreciate all that you do. Keep giving them from your well of goodness. As Freud said: "Our consciousness is but a tip of the iceberg peeking above water. "

I know that the sing-alongs you organize give us just a peek of all you devote to these wonderful people.

Thanks and have a good day,





Thank you Letter from the A. Family

Clara Feldman



Re: Thank you

We wish to thank you and the dedicated SHEKEL staff on behalf of all our family for the devoted care of our Z. For many years Z. had no suitable program. Only now that she is in such a suitable, welcoming program can we appreciate how much she lacked. Despite the ups and downs, Z. has adjusted to her SHEKEL group home, the other residents and the staff better than we could have ever imagined.

We sincerely appreciate how you coped with the problems that occasionally arose and the difficult challenges she posed for the staff. We are grateful for your efforts to get to know her and above all, that this is done with patience, love and great sensitivity.

Thanks and congratulations to you and the housing and vocational staff for your love and good care.


A. Family


Esti, a Resident's Mother

Dear Offer,

I wish to express my appreciation to you and all involved for last night.

It was very thoughtful and enjoyable for us mothers, whose lives suddenly changed, who cope serenely with our fate and who take pride in even the smallest achievements of our children.

You showed us you care and renewed our positive energy to keep going.

Thanks to you all!!




Thank you Letter – M's mother

To Whom It May Concern!

My son Moshe, who has Down Syndrome, works at SHEKEL. Last year he worked at the Hebrew University's Givat Ram and Mt. Scopus campuses recycling paper. Since Moshe began working outside, his self-confidence has greatly improved, as well as his self-esteem, verbal communication, familiarity with his surroundings, ability to use public transportation to reach various destinations, sense of security and independence.

I wish to convey my appreciation and great thanks to SHEKEL for all the help, support and care which enabled Moshe to achieve all this. Without SHEKEL's support, it would have been very difficult for him to manage alone. It is vital that there be more such places of work to help people like him live in the community.

With thanks,

M's mother

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