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Meesage from SHEKEL's CEO

Message from SHEKEL's CEO

For over 3 decades SHEKEL has been working to improve the standard of living of thousands of people with special needs in Israel. Since 1991, I have had the privilege of heading SHEKEL and seeing its great achievements over the years. Today SHEKEL serves 8000 people with special needs from all sectors of society who cope with various special needs: physical, emotional and learning disabilities, mental retardation, and more. SHEKEL is committed to improving the quality of life, well-being and integration of people with special needs. SHEKEL has a professional staff of 450 and 300 volunteers from Israel and abroad. Its main fields of activity are: group homes, vocational rehabilitation, cultural and leisure programs, accessibility, support for the mentally ill, child development, rehabilitation and enrichment programs in special education kindergartens and schools, trauma treatment for victims of violence, rehabilitation of the homeless, social and sexual education and more. The various departments provide support for people with special needs and their families through various stages of life, from infancy and adolescence to adulthood.

On a personal note, I wish to state that after years of activity the impossible is possible and social change can be effected in Israeli society. There are of course many hurdles to overcome, but a change in the attitude of the public toward people with special needs can already be felt.

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