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To develop community-based services for people with special needs in order to maximize their independence at home, work and at social and recreational activities.

The focus of these activities is on providing opportunities to live with personal respect, self accomplishment, involvement and participation as equals in society.

The services offered will be of the highest level with consideration for individual, familial and broader societal needs based on developments that take place.


  • To develop and operate community services for people with special needs in various basic areas: community living, vocational services, recreation and culture, accessibility and adapted assistance to all elements in society.
  • To develop and operate personal and individual programs based on individual desires, abilities and capacities.
  • To initiate surveys, research projects and feed-back channels designed to attain highest quality services. In addition, publication of articles, participation in conferences based on professional initiatives and achievements in various aspects of the programs.
  • To influence the improvement and change in attitudes and policies by representing the needs for policy makers in the community.
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