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The miracle of a child’s smile…

The miracle of a child’s smile… (Enlarge)

The miracle of a child’s smile on Hannukah…

Thanks to the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix
The puppet theater performance SHEKEL provided for children with severe disabilities at Jerusalem’s Hetenna school, lit the faces of the young audience with smiles that resonated joy. The children connected with much excitement to the puppets, enjoying the fun and stimulation. SHEKEL’s programs and medical support, provided during afternoon hours, in schools for children with multiple disabilities, allow hundreds of children with severe disabilities to grow and thrive at home, surrounded by their families and natural communities. They give these children the chance to enjoy an authentic learning experience during the day, while returning to their loving families, like all other children, after school.


SHEKEL warmly thanks the Paul Vermes endowment of the Jewish Community Foundation of Great Phoenix, for funding the medical support at Hetenna. Their generous support of this critical service allows the children at Hetenna to live full lives, filled with fun, learning experiences and love.  

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