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SHEKEL - Mobileye Partnership breaks hi-tech ceiling for people with ASD

SHEKEL - Mobileye Partnership breaks hi-tech ceiling for people with ASD (Enlarge)

A groundbreaking partnership between SHEKEL and Mobileye, the Israeli hi-tech company which has become the number one leader in accident prevention technology worldwide, has led to another significant first: the first Israeli program to incorporate high-functioning people on the autism spectrum in Israel's private-sector hi-tech workforce.


The pilot program, which began six months ago at the SHEKEL vocational rehabilitation center, is currently giving eight intelligent career-oriented young people the training and life skills they will require to be a successful part of a productive hi-tech team. All participants are paid a starting wage by Mobileye from the start of the training period and are promised employment after successful completion. "This in itself is a breakthrough" says Ilana Fisher, who developed the specialized preparation program and is responsible for guiding the group. "It's not just a question of technical training" explains Fisher, "The preparation process is geared towards giving people with communication challenges, the social, communications and employment habits required to work as part of a team and an organizational hierarchy."


Six months into the program, Avi Hirshkovitz, manager of Mobileye's "Perfect" team which includes the SHEKEL group, is very enthusiastic "We anticipated that we would start seeing workable results after four to six months, but after six weeks they were producing excellent results and we actually began utilizing the data produced by the group. This really surpassed all expectations and we are very interested in expanding the program"


Director of SHEKEL's vocational rehabilitation program, Ayelet Fishbain, believes this model can be used as a basis for other partnerships. "People with high functioning autism are often unemployed", she explains "and those who are employed are generally underemployed in unfulfilling work that does not allow them to realize their true potential. Here at SHEKEL" she stresses, "we aim to integrate people into employment that allows them to develop their skills and abilities and at the same time build a more inclusive business community".

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