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Lihi Lapid appointed President of SHEKEL

Lihi Lapid appointed President of SHEKEL (Enlarge)

Hundreds applauded enthusiastically at the Eretz Israel museum in Ramat Aviv at SHEKEL's Annual Gala Event, as author, journalist and activist, Lihi Lapid, was pronounced President of SHEKEL. Announcing the news , SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman, noted Lihi Lapid's extensive work and activism on behalf of people with disabilities. "We are very excited about this appointment" said Feldman, "we feel strongly that together we can act effectively to facilitate a better society and community". 

In a moving response, Lihi Lapid told the audience "Instead of talking about differences, we are here to talk about what we have in common, and we are not only here to talk, we are here to do and to implement. I fell in love with SHEKEL, the very first day I encountered the connecting capacity and drawing power of the organization, to a life that is truly lived together". Lihi Lapid will be serving SHEKEL alongside the organization's chairman, Haim Ariel.

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