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"Home is Where the Heart is" at the Heart of Kvutzat Yavne

"Home is Where the Heart is" at the Heart of Kvutzat Yavne (Enlarge)

At a moving inauguration ceremony in Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavne, two beautifully designed SHEKEL apartments, planned with dedicated loving care, became the permanent homes of eight young women with cognitive disabilities. "We wanted to give these young women the very best", explained designer Hannah Sarid, a Kibbutz member who designed the homes in coordination with SHEKEL's "Living in the Community" team.

The young women, who began working and living in Kvutzat Yavne a year ago, enthused over kibbutz life and the challenging, fulfilling work they do, as an integral part of the kibbutz workforce.


SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman, expressed heartfelt thanks to Dafi Liber, who manages the apartments as well as all members of Kvutzat Yavne, for their outstanding reception of the young women and the wonderful relationships they have built with them. Feldman also warmly thanked the National Insurance Institute of Israel Fund, Israel's Ministry of Welfare and the Shalem Foundation, for their partnership in bringing this project to fruition
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