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SHEKEL Day Center Petach Tikva celebrates at Hamat Gader

SHEKEL Day Center Petach Tikva celebrates at Hamat Gader (Enlarge)

Thanks to 150 'Em Hamoshavot' cyclists, 100 people with disabilities from SHEKEL Petach Tikva, celebrated a wonderful Lag B'omer at Hamat Gader


It's not easy to win a bike race round the Sea of Galilee! But according to the Em Hamoshavot' cyclists, the decision to forgo their prize (a day at Hamat Gader!) for people with special needs, was very easy indeed.

"The day at Hamat Gader was a great experience and a lot of fun", exuded Dror Teitelbaum, Director of the SHEKEL vocational rehabilitation center in Petach Tikva. "Everyone was totally exited and they really enjoyed the animals, the festive meal, and more than anything, the awesome atmosphere! A day like that changes everything – it inspires new energy and positivity." Dror conveyed a huge thank you, to the 'Eim Hamoshavot' cyclists, on behalf of all those who got to enjoy the unforgettable day, as a result of their thoughtful generosity.

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