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SHEKEL Launches Vocational Rehabilitation Center in Israel's Hevel Modi'in Region

In a moving ceremony, attended by Israel's Minister of Welfare, Mr. Haim Katz, SHEKEL officially launched a unique center for vocational rehabilitation that now serves tens of people with disabilities.


The Center's spacious production area is designed to offer people with disabilities the chance to work and receive vocational training for employment in Israel's business sector. A unique and central feature of the Center is that it provides space for local businesses that want to employ people with special needs, setting a great example of a truly integrated business community.



Speaking before the attendees, Minister Katz talked of SHEKEL's "prominent contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities within the community at a national level". He went on to laud SHEKEL "for bringing a new spirit of social entrepreneurship geared at advancing the capabilities and income capacity of people with disabilities."


The ceremony was attended by representatives of the project's various partners, including: SHEKEL's CEO, Clara Feldman; SHEKEL Chairman, Haim Ariel; Mayor of the Hevel Modi'in Regional Council, Mr. Shimon Sousan; representatives the Ministry of Welfare; CEO of Israel's National Insurance Institute, Prof. Shlomo Mor Yosef and CEO of the Shalem Foundation, Riva Muscal.   


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