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SHEKEL celebrates first permanent 'community housing' apartment


With support from the Azrieli foundation, SHEKEL realized a dream– the launch of a permanent apartment for four women with disabilities, who live within the wider community. The Jerusalem apartment, recently purchased by SHEKEL, constitutes the first of its 80 'Living in the Community' apartments, to be owned by the organization.  Permanent housing, as opposed to rented apartments, has enormous value for people with disabilities, creating stability and constancy. For most people with special needs, moving necessitates learning an entire new environment, including neighbors, public transport, shops, service providers, cultural and religious institutions etc. This can be very hard emotionally, and often leads to unnecessary personal setbacks. SHEKEL is now determined to make the purchase of apartments a priority, in partnership with philanthropic bodies and individuals.


The apartment was launched at a moving housewarming party attended by representatives of the Azrieli foundation, the Ministry of Welfare and the Jerusalem Foundation.

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