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SHEKEL and Petach Tikva Advance Employment for People with Disabilities

At a moving ceremony, a new Petach Tikva building was launched to serve a great social purpose: a social enterprise to advance employment for people with disabilities. SHEKEL's partner in the enterprise, Odeya Cosmetics, will soon be transferring their factory to the new premises, where they will provide varied work for people with special needs, who will be working alongside all other Odeya employees.

Mr. Yitzik Braverman, Mayor of Petach Tikva, with SHEKEL CEO, Clara Feldman


According to SHEKEL's CEO, Clara Feldman, the project is part of SHEKEL's innovative new strategy to create sustainable social enterprises that allow for integration of people with disabilities in meaningful challenging work, where they can integrate and advance within Israel's commercial workforce. As part of this strategy, SHEKEL will soon be opening a café (at 11 Yad Harutzim, Jerusalem), and there are already plans for a social enterprise in the Modi'in region.


Mr. Jack Stone, CEO of Odeya, with Director of SHEKEL's Employment Division, Ms. Ayelet Fishbein


The Ministry of Welfare's national supervisor of Vocational Employment Rehabilitation services, Ms. Anat Shalhevet Doron, felt the project was very exiting "SHEKEL is making a real breakthrough in this area", she noted.  Clara Feldman thanked the Mayor of Petach Tikva for the city's contribution of the building. Feldman also thanked representatives of all other partners in the project, including:  Mr. Jack Stone, CEO of Odeya; Mr. Shmuel Weinglass; Director of the Israel National Institute of Insurance fund; and Dr. Shelly Nordheim-Golan, Director of the Ministry of Welfare's Vocational Rehabilitation Services     

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