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!Enlisting troops for acation? Not just at the front

this week, residents of 'living in the community' apartments went straight to action. Volunteering to support Israel's soldiers, they sent personal letters, hygiene supplies and snacks to lift the spirits of IDF forces on the front lines. Like everyone else, SHEKEL residents live in normal apartments in the local community and lead full and varied lives as an integral part of that community. This week, many of them once again proved themselves as full contributing members of Israeli society, volunteering their time and energy to help IDF soldiers in combat.
And the response was as heartwarming as the deed! Check out the letter they received from the front:

Dear people at SHEKEL,
Thank you so much for your hard work, warm words and gifts. You’re the best. It makes us happy to know there are people out there who think of us and care.
Hope to meet in happier times,
Huge thank you,
From the soldiers in the south

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