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International Symposium

International Symposium
"Creating Work Programs for Mentally Challenged People"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for Cooperation and Advancement (MASHAV) and SHEKEL.
April 16-23, 2012 – Jerusalem

As a country of immigrants, Israel is one of the leading countries in the care of people with special needs. It shares its extensive knowledge and experience with many countries around the world.
In the countries where this activity is intended – the former Soviet Union – the percentage of children with special needs who do not live in normative frameworks is particularly high.
SHEKEL is a leading organization in Israel in the field of integrating special needs population in the community and society. This symposium is the continuation of a program, which taking place in cooperation with the City of Moscow's Dept. of Education. This program which began in 1999, has brought about a significant social change in Moscow, so that today most of the educational system is integrated.

The recent symposium dealt with creating work programs for mentally challenged people. Lecturers and workshops were conducted by SHEKEL staff and the group toured SHEKEL projects. The group returned to Russia with a program for implementing work projects which will be operated in conjunction with one of the teachers' colleges which will also train staff for work programs for people with special needs. In the future the programs will be replicated throughout Russia.

All the participants were senior college lecturers and heads of laboratories for developing systems and new technology for Moscow's Dept. of Education.

Translated by Adrienne Dodi

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