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Bus stops protected against terror – but what about accessibility?

The Jerusalem municipality turned to SHEKEL’s Israel Center for Accessibility this week, following complaints made to the Commission of Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, regarding the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities, to bus stops that were recently protected against car ramming terror. Director of the SHEKEL Center, transport accessibility expert Dr. Avi Ramot, was appointed responsible for planning and supervising accessibility of the protected bus stops.


Ramot emphasized the critical need to ensure accessibility for people with walking disabilities and people who use wheelchairs, as well for the elderly and parents with buggies, particularly twin buggies. According to Ramot, it is also highly important to make sure these bus stops are made accessible to people with vision disabilities who are unaware of the security posts.


Dr. Avi Ramot, Director of SHEKEL's Israel Center for Accessibility



A small team goes out every day to plan the accessibility of each bus stop and contractors execute the work in the evening. After completion, the team returns to check the work. It is estimated that all 300 bus stops will be made accessible by the end of the month.



SHEKEL's Israel Accessibility Center, is responsible for upgrading accessibility for all Israel's transportation systems and has set new world standards of accessibility with Jerusalem's light rail system, currently the most accessible transport system of its type in the world.



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