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Israel Center for Accessibility

SHEKEL's Israel Center for Accessibility

While municipalities, public bodies and businesses, often wish to make their physical environment and services accessible to people with disabilities, they are generally not familiar with the accessibility needs of people with disabilities, or with the means to finding accessibility solutions. The Center provides a one-stop address for these needs.


SHEKEL's Israel Center for Accessibility provides consulting services and accessibility solutions for every type of disability. These include physical, cognitive and sensory accessibility of: buildings (including Israel's Knesset), public transport systems and urban spaces, as well as sensory and cognitive accessibility of both the physical environment and services, for people with vision, hearing or intellectual disabilities. In addition to providing architectural and engineering solutions, the Center provides protocols, instruction and guidance, for public and private

service providers.


SHEKEL's Israel Center for Accessibility

specializes in the following areas:

  • Master Plans: Preparation and implementation of national and local accessibility masterplans for government bodies, local authorities, organizations, large businesses, education systems, etc. SHEKEL's accessibility master plan for the Old City of Jerusalem, recently won the prestigious international Domus Academy Award for universal urban design.
  • Public Transport Systems: The Center has set new international standards for both physical and cognitive accessibility in Jerusalem's light rail transport system. It is currently upgrading accessibility for Israel's entire public transport system.
  • Accessibility of Services: The Center provides protocols and training for public and private bodies, in order to make services accessible for people with sensory and cognitive disabilities.
  • Accessibility Information and knowledge: Publication of highly-regarded bi-annual professional journal "A Matter of Approach". The Center initiates projects and enters partnerships for developing accessible technology, and provides seminars and courses.
  • Hearing Center: A center providing services for 1,500 hearing-impaired persons in Haifa and the northern peripheries every year, including low-income populations and the elderly.


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