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‘Passport to the Community’: Art Exhibition opens with Musical Evening

How does SHEKEL’s ‘Passport to the Community’ program manage to get people challenged by mental illness, to go out and connect with society?

At a moving musical evening to launch the ‘Passport to the Community’ art exhibition, 40 participants gathered to present their art, sing and play music. SHEKEL’s ‘Passport to the Community’ and ‘Lama’ programs, offer tens of activities, courses and social clubs for people challenged by a wide range of mental illness. The programs, which serve approximately 300 people, allow people with mental and emotional challenges to connect with the wider community, through activities and courses that are of personal interest to them. The programs allow them to break through the barriers of isolation. This is critical to the wellbeing of people challenged by mental illness, who generally have a tendency to cut themselves off from society. These programs provide a real opportunity for participants to live meaningful fulfilling lives. Watch talented musicians, Hagai and Alon, play music at the opening evening of the Pasport to the Community 'Nature, Art and Creativity' art exhibition: They would be very happy for you to share this with friends.



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