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Variety of Programs

Variety of Programs 

SHEKEL’s Cultural and Leisure Program is based on 7 units: Courses and Activities, Sport and Physical Activities, “Passport to the Community” – Activities for People with Mental Illness, Social Clubs, “Culture for All” – Distributing Discount Tickets to Shows and Cultural Events, Activities in Music and Movement at the “Mikzav” Center, Recreational Activities and Theater Group. 


A.  Activities and Courses 

Open to people with special needs: 

Art: Sketching and working with various materials at the Israel Museum; jewelry-making; fashion accessory design; ceramics; animation; “Dialogue through Art” at the Bazalel Art Academy – special program for selected artists; 

Communication: Still Photography; Video Photography; T.V. studio (filming stories for the “Out of the Ordinary” T.V. show (broadcast on the community television channel); Music and Singing: barrel drum workshop; choir; orchestra; individual music lessons; guitar; piano and organ; singalongs and disco evenings; General: English instruction; computers; internet; cooking in group homes; study of weekly Torah portion. 



Courses and Monthly Workshop: 

Learning about new people and cultures through meetings on interesting places in Israel and abroad; astrology; alternative medicine; shiatsu. 


B.    Sport and Physical Activity 

Exercise and physical fitness for social, spiritual and health benefits and to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and normative life-style; Movement and Dance including Feldenkreis, yoga and belly-dancing; Sport: martial arts, soccer, basketball, horseback-riding, bowling, swimming and gym. Special events: participation in marches and Special Olympics competitions. 



C.    “Passport to the Community 

Activities for people coping with mental illness focusing on individual attention, for people over 20 from Jerusalem and vicinity at various levels of functioning to encourage them and their family members. Some of the activities are with people with other special needs. Clubs offered: Music: rock and classical ensembles, voice workshop, opera, singing, musical theory and percussion workshop, Art, Communications (local television), Computer Skills, Languages: Hebrew, English and Spanish, Jewish Studies, Social and Cultural Club, Sport: soccer, basketball, judo, bowling, ping pong, Feldenkreis, yoga and movement. 


D.    Social Clubs 

1.      Haberer Social Club: twice a week for people with mental disabilities from Jerusalem and vicinity; meeting friends, celebrating holidays, clubs volunteering at hospitals, meeting with youth and students, visiting neighbors, trips and summer vacation. 

2.      Paley Social Club: for Arab residents of SHEKEL Group Homes in East Jerusalem and other local residents with special needs in cooperation with Jerusalem Municipality, trips and local events. 


E.    Culture for All”: a project enabling people with disabilities to enjoy shows and cultural events in Jerusalem by distributing discount tickets received through contact with cultural centers in Jerusalem, based on annual membership dues to cover administrative expenses. Participating bodies: theaters, festivals, movie theaters, museums, sports centers, etc. Distributed to people with special needs all over Jerusalem living at home, in SHEKEL homes or group homes and institutions run by other organizations. 


F.    Mikzav” Activities: music, dance and movement, clubs, belly-dancing evenings and open singalongs; rehearsals of SHEKEL music and drama groups; music therapy, Feldenkreis, movement, yoga and more. Address: 81 Bethlehem Rd., Jerusalem. 


G.    Recreational Activities: organizing annual 3-4 day summer vacations for SHEKEL residents as well as outings to plays, movies, restaurants and cafes. 


Registration for summer vacations also open to other organizations besides SHEKEL. 




H.    SHEKEL Theater Group: operating for 15 years for people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Three plays have been staged: “Yellow Submarine”, “Don Quixote” and “Oliver”, shown all over Israel in major theaters including: Habima, Cameri, Khan, Jerusalem and Beer-Sheva. For the first time in Israel SHEKEL put on a show with both regular actors and actors with special needs. The work is based on the participation of leading theater professionals in Israel and the cooperation of leading theatrical bodies such as the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, the Khan Theater and the Jerusalem School for the Visual Arts. 






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