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Si'im Program

SHEKEL - Leisure (also called the Si'im Program) develops and operates a variety of cultural, sports, social and leisure activities for over a 1000 people with special needs from various sectors of society. most of the activities take place in facilities in the community: institutions of higher education and cultural, sports, social. entertainment and education centers, music, communications, recreation and para-medical treatments. the program is supported by the Ministries of Health, Social Affairs and Science, Sport and Culture as well as the Jerusalem Municipality, Shalem Fund and other donors and foundations.

S. aged 27 , who participates in SHEKEL's Theater Group, says:"The play we performed at Habima was the most exciting moment in my life. I want to be a T.V. star".

SHEKEL - Leisure realizes SHEKEL's mission by enabling self-fulfillment, integration and complete involvment in the community of people with special needs through cultural, sport and social activities and programs. SHEKEL-Leisure tries to develop programs suited to their wants and needs and creating approtunities for their involvment in culture and the arts.

SHEKEL - Leisure excels in developing unique and innovative programs - in theater, galleries, communications, etc., such as the SHEKEL Theater Group, which has proformed plays on stages all over Israel and the "Out of the Ordinary Magazine", a community television program broadcast on the local cable T.V. channel.

In addtion, SHEKEL - Leisure organizes events in order to include people with special needs in events for the general public and expose their talents to the media in order to change people's opinions about this population.

SHEKEL-Leisure professional staff specializes in developing and operating social, recreational, cultural and sport activities for people with special needs. The staff includes graduates of art academics, professional artists, producers, directors, special education teachers and social workers together with 100 local volunteers from the community.

Organizational Structure:

* Unit for Courses and Activities.
* Unit for Sport and Physical Activity.
* "Passport to the Community" - for people with mental illness.
* Unit for Social Activities.
* "Culture for All" - Unit providing access to shows and cultural preformances.
* Unit for Music and Movement.
*Unit for Recreation.

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