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SHEKEL at the Jerusalem International Film Festival – leaves audience speechless
A giant stride for special needs awareness was achieved on the evening of July 7, 2013, when SHEKEL, in partnership with the Jerusalem Cinemateque, screened Clio Barnard’s monumental chilling U.K. film, “The Selfish Giant”, at the Jerusalem International Film Festival. A scrupulously crafted portrait of the meeting point between the distress of dire poverty, special needs, and a society which indifferently shrugs a cold shoulder at a child in need of specialized attention, Barnard’s film takes the audience behind the scenes of hardship and adolescent friendship to a place where a behavior disorder triggers a series of tragedy-bound developments. But the true power of the film was expressed when it ended – as the credits rolled nobody moved or uttered a word.
Senior Citizens
The quality of service in homes and day care centers for senior citizens depends on the physical infrastructure and suitable equipment as well as a professional, caring approach which makes the service accessible to the clients. Accessibility refers to the approach and the means to function and communicate better in order to receive the most benefit from their treatment facility. SHEKEL's Center for Accessibility can upgrade the accessibility of any facility, institutional or community-based, which offers care to senior citizens. SHEKEL provides: • Professional counseling by a certified accessibility monitor and professional opinion for improving accessibility, suitable to the needs of the facility. • Instruction for professional staff and caregivers about all the aspects of providing accessible service, regarding both approach and operation. This counseling and instruction will help the senior citizens and the staff discover new ways of coping with common problems. We will be happy to answer questions. Please call 04-8526020. SHEKEL Center for Haifa and the North.
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Skip Now's the Time to Lend a Hand to People with Special Needs in Crisis
Now's the Time to Lend a Hand to People with Special Needs in Crisis

Now's the Time to Lend a Hand to People with Special Needs in Crisis

Right now, as rockets and missiles are launched from Gaza at major Israeli cities and villages, Israelis from every walk of life have between 15 seconds to a minute and a half to run for shelter. In times of national emergency and crisis, people with special needs are always the most vulnerable part of the population, frequently needing extra assistance in protecting themselves, and often feeling helpless or anxious.

In these difficult times, and throughout the year, SHEKEL operates a center for crisis and trauma for people with special needs.

Responding to the current emergency, SHEKEL has made phone lines available to people with disabilities and their families, giving information and solving problems as they arise.

If you'd like to contribute to these efforts during Operation Protective Edge, please click on the donation button

Thanks for lending a hand during these difficult times!

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