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A groundbreaking partnership between SHEKEL’s graphic design studio “Between the Lines” and Israel’s famed Koren publishing house, is happy to announce the launch of a one-of-a-kind Haggadah.

Exquisitely illustrated by three highly talented SHEKEL artists: Sahar, who has Downs Syndrome, and is known for his stunning color techniques; Raphael, on the autism spectrum, whose sharp beautifully rendered drawings caught the eye of Koren; and Yafit who, using technological aids to overcome the physical limitations of MS, enriched the work with her stunning and popular trade-mark Eretz Yisrael motifs.

All three artists, who work at SHEKEL’s vocational rehabilitation center in Jerusalem, were discovered by SHEKEL’s graphic design studio. Realizing their special talents and skills, the studio, together with Koren publishing house, embarked on a special project to publish this spectacular Haggadah.

Take a look for yourself!

You can complete your Seder table with our new line of Haggadah-inspired Seder night products, featuring our special Haggadah illustration prints:

  • Fabric Afikoman bags
  • Hand towel for ritual hand-washing (Netilat Yedayim)
  • Beautifully designed matza cover

For orders visit our on-line store: http://store.shekel.org.il/he/117

Or drop by our gift shop at Bet SHEKEL: 11 Yad Harutzim st., Jerusalem

Have any questions? Osnat will be happy to help you: 050-5963026

The Boccia Champions

The SHEKEL Bat Yam Boccia team wins Israel's national Boccia cup!

In the national Boccia championships, (an accessible ball game adapted to the needs of people with wide-ranging disabilities), the SHEKEL Bat Yam team defeated a total of seven teams from all over Israel, returning home with the national cup. Congrats to the phenomenal Bat Yam team and their incredible coach Shlomi Drami!!

Meeting Point Conferance - Lihi Lapid

SHEKEL meets the loving heart of Israel’s kibbutzim and rural villages.

Kibbutz Yavneh’s dining hall was transformed into a beating heart of discussion and action for some 200 representatives of Israel’s kibbutzim and moshavim, who came from all over the country to learn of options for creating inclusion and permanent homes for people with disabilities, within Israel’s kibbutzim and rural villages.

מועסקי שק"ל בטקס בכנסת

Knesset Chairman, Yuli Edelstein, was visibly moved as he presented letters of appointment for permanent employment, to seven young people with disabilities who have worked in the Knesset for two years, six of whom are part of SHEKEL’s “employment support” program.

מרכז יום טיפולי ומזדקנים

SHEKEL's innovative new day center, which opened in 2018, is dramatically changing the lives of 46 participants who are aging or who have low-functioning disabilities.

Annual Gala 2018

800 people attend event to celebrate SHEKEL's 40th year!

“Something new is starting for me right now”
With these words, Eden Hartel officially launched a moving housewarming celebration for the two new ‘Living in the Community’ SHEKEL apartments recently opened in Shoham. Like many young Israelis, Eden now enjoys living his own life in an apartment he shares with three other friends. Eden and his flat-mates work during the day, enjoying full social lives and pursuing individual interests and hobbies after work. 

‘Bet Hiba Zion’, a unique housing project that is the first of its type in Israel for adults on the autism spectrum, recently opened in Ramat Gan. A total of 19 residents between the ages of 30 – 45, now live in the multi-story apartment building. Each resident has their own fully equipped flat and each goes to work during the day while also benefitting from personalized daily programs supervised by counselors.

בנות דירת משואות יצחק

That’s how Yehuda Oren of moshav Masuoth Yitzhak, defined the newfound daily reality of six young women with disabilities who recently launched their adult lives as part of the welcoming moshav. Members of Masuoth Yitzhak warmly embraced the idea of creating a supportive SHEKEL apartment that would allow the women to live full lives as an inseparable part of the moshav community.

The applause of over 100 people who turned out to watch "I Will Have It" a play acted by SHEKEL actors at Moshav Rinatya, resounded with support and pride. The 14 actors from SHEKEL's vocational rehabilitation center in Hevel Modiin, took part in a theatre course made possible thanks to a great partnership between the "Hishtachvaya" community theater, SHEKEL, the Shalem Fund, and the Hevel Modiin Regional Council. According to Irit Kossover, director and group instructor: "The play was a moving journey. The actors experienced no small amount of difficulty and frustration on the way but in the end they overcame the obstacles in their path and succeeded. It was a wonderful feeling which empowered them."

People with disabilities from SHEKEL Petach Tikva enjoy a boat trip and Marina Herzliya

The kind of fun day out that many of us take for granted, marked a groundbreaking milestone for 36 people with intellectual and physical disabilities from SHEKEL’s day center in Petach Tikva. Sailing from the Herzliya Marina with their parents and SHEKEL staff, they enjoyed an exhilarating boat trip at sea for the very first time in their lives.

Two Guys make history for second time!!
Guy Sagiv and Guy Niv first made history as part of the historic "Centennial Tour" bike ride, organized by SHEKEL and Kids Kicking Cancer, to mark 100 years since the ANZAC victory at the Battle of Be'er Sheva!

Today they are doing it again – this time as the first Israelis in history to take part in the prestigious Giro d'Italia world cycling competition. 
At the Centennial Tour bike ride they were interviewed by Yoram Kahn from SHEKEL's T.V. and video making program. 

Here's what they had to say

Guys! From all of us here at SHEKEL – WE’RE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!!