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Training Center

SHEKEL's Training Center offers a vast array of in-service training for professionals, parents, siblings and others. The Center's training programs and courses are tailor-built to the needs of the recipients.

Among our in-service training programs:

·         Sequence of Services for People with Various Disabilities

·         Building and Implementing Individualized Programs

·         Accessibility

·         Leisure Activity for People with Special Needs

·         Creating Artwork and Artists with Various Functioning Difficulties

·         Guidance for Parents of Children and Adults with Special Needs

·         Dealing with Challenging Behaviors


In the framework of the SHEKEL Therapeutic Center, the following programs are offered:

·         Ways to Locate, Identify, and Report Violence Against People with Disabilities

·         Social and Sexual Education

·         Dealing with Trauma


For further details:

Miki Arnon, Director of the SHEKEL Guidance Center


Tel. 054-230-0166

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