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SHEKEL Milestones

1979 - SHEKEL founded and first apartment opened



1982 - Another four apartments opened



1984 - First apartment for autistic residents opened



1989 - Respite and Crisis Cneter opened



1990 - Social Club opened for blind people



1991 - First apartment in East Jerusalem opened



1992 - Afternoon program in 8 special education schools opened



1993 - Cultural and Leisure clubs opened, "Si'im Program founded



1994 - Vocational Rehabilitation Program founded, providing sheltered and supported work opportunities



1995 - Child Development Unit opened in East Jerusalem

          Multi-purpose Center for Ultra-Orthodox opened shelter and Rehabilitation Center for Homeless




1997 - Production lines opened for cartons and silk-screening. First apartment opened for severely

multiple handicapped children, "Benafshenu", Mental Health Program, opened



1998 - Isreal Center for Accessibility founded, Child Development Unit opened in Rahat



1999 - Production lines for candles opened, Hostel for Severely Multiple Disabled Children opened in

Petah Tikva



2000 - Production line for soaps opened



2001 - Child-Parent Center opened



2004 - Haifa Hearing Center opened



2006 - First apartment for residents with Asperger Syndrome opened

Vocational Rehabilitation Center opened in Shoham

Trauma Treatment Center for Abused People with Disabilities opened



2007 - Petah Tikva Day Center opened



2008 - SHEKEL - The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Vocational Rehabilitation Building and Legacy

Heritage Vocational Center opened



2009 - Afternoon program expanded to 18 special education schools.

Sewing Workshop opened

Today Community Housing Program operates 80 apartments


International Programs



1999 - Program opened to integrate children with special needs in Kindergrtens in Moscow



1998-2000 - Photography Exhibition "Born as Equals" exhibited in Poland, Norway and USA



2001 - Counsultation on developing services for people with special needs in Serbia



2002 - Play "Don Quixote" and art exhibit shown in Poland



2004 - SHEKEL actors participate in Mediterranean countries conference in Spain


All this could not have been possible without the assistance and donations of our firends and supporters in Israel and abroad. Join the SHEKEL Family and open your hearts to the thousands of amazing children and young adults with special needs in our care.



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