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My Personal Story

My Story – "I'm a SHEKEL Resident"

Hi. My name is S. I'm 33 and live in a SHEKEL Group Home in Jerusalem. I was born with Down Syndrome and  have some difficulties. I'm an artist and have exhibited my paintings at 40 exhibitions all over the world. I even designed a stamp for the U.S. Postal Service.

I live in a regular apartment with 3 other men like me and like it very much. Every morning we get up and go to work. I work in Yad Sarah's workshop helping repair wheelchairs. My friend Yossi works in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem at a vegetable stand. Gabby works in SHEKEL's Candle Factory. On every holiday he brings beautiful candles to our apartment.

In the afternoon I come home to our apartment and do my chores, such as cleaning, shopping, cooking or washing dishes. Afterwards, I go out to various activities. Twice a week I paint, once at the  Bezalel Art Academy and once at another art club. Tuesday I go to the SHEKEL Video Club at a television studio. The films we make are shown on Jerusalem's community television program.

I've had a girlfriend for 3 years named Shira. We hope to live together someday.


My Story – Michael

Hi. My name's Michael and I live in a SHEKEL Group Home for religious young men. I've been participating in various clubs after work hours for several years. My favorite is the Newspaper Club. Click on the title and read more. We write articles and learn how to edit them. I'm on the Editorial Board and we meet to decide what goes in the newspaper and what doesn't. In the past I was in the Judo Club and earned a yellow belt. I was also in the Drama Group. I get a lot of satisfaction from these activities and my achievements – when I see an article I worked on in print, I'm the proudest person in the world.



Community Project 'Café-in-the-Park

Jerusalem Mayor Award of Distinction For SHEKEL-Bet Ross Community Project 'Café-in-the-Park
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