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A moving tribute to Gideon Drori

Close to 300 people attended a prize-giving for outstanding SHEKEL staff and the "2016 All Rights Reserved" event, at the Jerusalem Cinemateque, in memory of Gideon Drori. Describing the deep love her husband bore towards their son Uri, who was born with severe disabilities, and the battle he waged for the rights of people like Uri to live within the community, Gideon's widow, Osnat, touched the hearts of all those present. Osnat Drori spoke movingly of the will her husband left 11 years ago in which he asked Osnat to establish an annual prize giving event for SHEKEL staff, in his memory. To the great sorrow of the Drori family, Uri passed away 10 months ago.

SHEKEL honors Gideon Drori's memory with the annually held "All Rights Reserved" event. This unique event features the screening of films that have been created by people with special needs, through SHEKEL's "Si'im – Channels to the Community" program. This year three inspiring films were screened. The evening was hosted by Israeli T.V. and radio personality Aharon Perera and included songs which were sang by Perera together with SHEKEL volunteer and supporter Motti Zargari. Ido Drori gave a moving rendition of "Adon Olam", in memory of his late brother, Uri.

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