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Jerusalem - SHEKEL Center

SHEKEL'S Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Center in Jerusalem employs 200 people with disabilities on a permanent basis and train many more for productive work in the commercial sector. The new building provides work in the following fields: cartons, soaps, candles, packaging, computer training and graphics, dental technology, sewing workshop amd handicrafts. It will also have a gift shop, coffee shop and rooftop therapeutic garden.


One of these workers is Yafit, a secretary at SHEKEL with severe disabilities who uses an electric wheelchair. Yafit: "I have a reason to get up each morning! Only SHEKEL accepted me as I am, understood my special needs and let me prove my abilities. Most places first look at the disabilities without seeing the person for himself and giving him the chance to prove who he is and what he can do. SHEKEL welcomed me with opened arms, helped me meet new challenges, build my self-confidence and develop vocational skills. There are many more like me just waiting for the chance to train and develop in the new center".  


For further information regarding this and other vocational rehabilitation program within SHEKEL, please contact or dial 02-672-0157 ext. 109

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