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Vocational Rehabilitaion

Employment is about more than just livelihood. It's about being a part of the community we live in and influences a person's self esteem. SHEKEL has developed innovative vocational programs with the commercial sector to creae challenging and creative jobs for people with special needs. Over 300 people work in SHEKEL workshops which include printing, candles creation, handicrafts, electronic and hi-tech components assembly, packaging and direct mailing. An additional 110 people work in the general workforce under SHEKEL supervision.


SHEKEL's Employment and Vocational Training Centers:

SHEKEL's Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Center in Jersalem for people with moderate to severe disabilities.
Modi’in / Shoham
SHEKEL Vocational Center in Modi’in Regional Council and Shoham for young adults with disabilities
SHEKEL Day Center in Petah Tikva for young adults with severe disabilities.
Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem

Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem

Vocational Nurture Day Center for people with medium to severe Autism.

SHEKEL's Gift Shop

Selling handicrafts produced by SHEKEL employees.
SHEKEL's Harutzim Cafe

SHEKEL's Harutzim Cafe

SHEKEL's snazzy "Harutzim" café is open Sunday – Friday, for sit-down meals, take-away, and events!
Bein Hashurot Graphics Studio

Bein Hashurot Graphics Studio

Graphic arts studio that includes people with special needs

Vocational Rehabilitation Contact Details

The SHEKEL Vocational Rehabilitation Center
Tel. 02-672-0157/8, Ext. 109
Open Sun.-Th. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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